3 Questions You Need To Ask When Renting Heavy Construction Equipment

8 December 2021
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The equipment needed to complete most major construction projects is expensive to purchase. Smaller construction companies or companies that are just starting out may not have the financial resources needed to invest in the purchase of their own equipment.

Fortunately, rental companies can provide temporary access to the equipment these companies need to grow and survive in today's market.

Here are some important questions that you need to ask a rental company before signing any contracts to ensure you are getting the equipment you need.

1. How Often Is the Equipment Maintained?

Your ability to complete a construction project on time and within budget will depend on the quality of the construction equipment you rent.

It's critical that you know how often a rental company maintains its fleet so that you can determine if the equipment you need will be in top condition. Most reputable rental companies are willing to provide you with a copy of maintenance records for each piece of equipment they rent out.

If you are unable to determine the last time a machine was serviced, take your rental business elsewhere.

2. Is Training Provided?

Operating heavy construction equipment requires a very specific skill set. Even if you have received training in the operation of a forklift, bulldozer, or dump truck in the past, the make and model of the machine you are renting could differ significantly from what you are used to.

Be sure that you ask an equipment rental company if they offer any training on the pieces they rent out. At the very least, you should be able to receive a quick lesson on starting and using the machine.

Some rental companies will let you take pieces of equipment for a test drive while an employee rides along to provide instruction.

Partnering with a rental company that offers training ensures that you can get right to work without delays as soon as the piece of equipment you rent arrives at your construction site.

3. Is Help Available After-Hours?

Many construction companies work long hours to meet their deadlines. The last thing you want to experience is an equipment malfunction and find that you don't have access to the help you need to correct the issue.

Check with your heavy construction equipment rental company to verify that someone will always be available after-hours to take emergency calls. Being able to place an emergency call can help you prevent your construction project from being sidetracked by faulty equipment.