3 Questions To Know The Answers To When Choosing A Diamond Blade

8 March 2017
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In the construction industry, diamond blades are prized as some of the toughest blades on the market, These metal blades are encrusted with diamond aggregate materials that work as an abrasive to cut right through dense materials that would render any other blade completely useless. You don't have to be a contractor or construction worker to get your hands on diamond blades; these things are readily available at your local hardware store. However, picking the right one is not always an easy feat. Make sure you ask yourself these questions to figure out which type of diamond blade will be best for your project. 

What kind of material do you expect the diamond blade to cut?

It is important to know the basic makeup of the material you need to cut with your diamond blade. You may be thinking that pretty much any diamond blade will work if you are cutting concrete, for example, but the aggregate material in that concrete can range from one project to the next. Most diamond blades are designed to handle certain materials with specific densities. Knowing what you are facing as far as material goes will be your best bet to ensure you get the right blade. 

What will the blade be used on?

Diamond blades are made in a range of different sizes and created to specifically work with a range of different pieces of equipment and various tools. Some blades are round in shape and others are shaped as an elongated knife blade that will work back and forth in a power tool for cutting action. Therefore, you will have to know what saw type you are using and what size blades it accepts before you head off to the local hardware store to pick up a blade. You can find diamond blades that work with:

  • grinding wheels and small handheld saws
  • table saws and tile saws
  • circular saws and angular saws

How long is the project going to require a blade for cutting?

This is a very important question for  good reason. Diamond blades that are a little lower quality and less expensive are not designed for long-term use. Therefore, if you buy one of these blades for a long project, there is a good chance you will just have to buy several more. Knowing how much cutting you will need to do with the diamond blade, such as from Web Granite Supplies, can help you pick the better models at the hardware store to save you money down the road.