2 Ways That Scaffolding Is Made Safe For Construction Workers

29 March 2017
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In the construction industry, it is very important to have tools that are both safe and effective for construction workers to use. This is going to allow projects to get done in a timely manner, while also keeping everyone safe. One such tool that is great for this is scaffolding. This article is going to discuss 2 ways that scaffolding is made safe for construction workers to use. 

Guard Rails 

When a construction worker is using scaffolding for a project, one of the major concerns that comes into play is falling. While the scaffolding is great for lifting workers to new heights, the higher they get, the more unsafe they become. Thankfully, there are certain codes and laws in place that help to keep each construction worker safe. When it comes to height, the scaffolding is going to be required to have guardrails that go all of the way around the scaffolding. These guardrails are going to provide ample protection the the construction worker that is on the scaffolding and can allow them to work without worrying about falling off. Also, if the scaffolding is several levels high, the construction worker may even be required to wear some type of body harness to protect them even more. This will stop them from falling to their death if they are several stories up, and will instead catch them and let them hang until they are able to get back onto the scaffolding. 

Cross Bars 

As the scaffolding is built higher and higher off of the ground, it is going to be essential that each layer be kept safe and secure. A great way to do this is to have cross bars put into place on each level. Often, these cross bars are going to be legally required in order for the scaffolding to be up to code, so you know that they are very important to the safety of the construction workers. These cross bars are going to help provide more stability to each of the levels and can ensure that they are going to stay solid without collapsing. This can also allow one or more workers to work on each level because the scaffolding is going to be built to easily handle their weight. The cross bars are generally going to be located on either long side of the scaffolding, and sometimes may even be incorporated on the ends as well for extra strength. 

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