Being Careful With Crane Rentals

2 March 2018
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Crane rentals can help make your life easier in many ways. Whether moving heavy items or working in trenches for pipes and other things, being able to have these machines available through a rental company enables you to work efficiently. However, before bringing multiple rental cranes to any site, consider these issues.

Who Will Operate Them?

It's one thing to think that someone you employ will be able to jump into a crane and perform some tasks, but having more than one crane on site is more challenging. You need to assemble a short list of certified and licensed operators to call. If you don't have anyone with appropriate licensing, you may be able to work something out through the rental company. You may prefer working with this outside entity so your existing employees can turn their attention to other activities.

What Size Do You Need? 

Guessing about the crane assistance you need isn't the best use of your time and money. Rather than asking for multiple machines when one or two would do or having similar sizing issues, ask for some kind of consultation. After discussion and a short survey of the site, the rental company may have advice regarding what cranes are best.

How is Setup Accomplished?

Your work might require that ground be cleared or wires moved before the cranes can be safely delivered and used. This will need to be worked out with the rental company you're using. In addition, you might want to ask about whether additional setup will be needed. When the cranes are delivered, for instance, will your own staff be responsible for rigging and similar duties, or will rental company staff take care of that? Find out so you can set aside workers accordingly.

What's Your Plan?

Having heavy equipment on any site means much is to be done, but you also need to protect people so you can avoid injuries. Having a smart, efficient plan will help keep site personnel safe while accomplishing work quickly. You may, for example, ask that non-essential personnel clear out from the site before rental cranes arrive. You might insist that certain other tasks are completed before cranes come so that there won't be idleness or delays.

Crane rentals are sometimes necessary, so it's good to start thinking about these rental issues. Good communication with rental companies before, during and after rentals will ensure your success. For more information, contact a company like Agin Crane Service.