Use a Flatbed Service to Assist on Your Construction Site

20 May 2021
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Do you need to transport heavy equipment or materials from one end of a construction site to another? If so, you will need the right vehicle for the job, and many construction company owners will tell you that a flatbed truck is likely the best option. But there are a number of reasons why you might want to rent a flatbed or work with a flatbed services company instead of just buying your own. Here are just some of the benefits of forming a long-term relationship with a local flatbed company.

You Won't Have to Find Room to Store Yet Another Vehicle

You likely have bulldozers, cranes and all kinds of other heavy equipment with you on each construction site, and then you will of course need to transport this equipment back to storage when the work is done. A flatbed truck can help you transport equipment either across or to and from the worksite, but do you really want to have to find storage space for the flatbed as well? By renting it only when you need it, you can keep your storage space clear for the equipment that actually does the digging and other essential construction tasks.

Use the Right Kind of Flatbed to Make the Job Easier

Not all flatbeds are created equal. Some flatbeds can be moved around or elevated up or down, allowing you to lift materials or add or remove equipment from the flatbed with ease. Your local flatbed services firm is likely to have the perfect flatbed truck for whatever your latest job entails. The right flatbed with the right features can help you transport things faster and get set up and back to work as quickly as possible.

Use the Insurance and Damage Billing Provided by the Rental Company Instead of Writing Off Your Own Vehicles

Accidents happen, especially when working with heavy-duty materials or equipment. It's possible that your flatbed trucks will get dinged up a bit while on a construction site. But the flatbed services provider typically accounts for this and will either handle it through damage billing when you return the flatbed or they may also allow you to protect yourself from more catastrophic damage via purchasing insurance on the rental. Contrast this with buying the flatbed yourself and then watching over time as the flatbed picks up one too many dings or dents and you slowly have to write off the value of the equipment on your books.