The Financial Benefits Of Hiring A Crane Operator Service For A Construction Project

18 April 2022
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When renting a crane for construction rigging, you can hire an operator from the rental service or use your own operators. At a glance, a rental package that only grants you the rigging equipment appears affordable and appealing. On the other hand, hiring an operator from a rental company is costlier. However, it comes with various financial benefits that you should consider before choosing your package. Read on to find out the cost savings you will enjoy when renting a crane operator as part of your equipment rental package.

Operator Training

All personnel who intend to operate a crane should hold a crane operator license. Therefore, if you choose a crane-only rental package, you have two choices: hire your own operator or train your personnel. If you decide to train a rigger or crane operator, you won't be able to start rigging jobs for weeks as you wait for your operators to get licensed. Furthermore, you will pay for worker training. 

Hiring an operator from the rental service eliminates the need for operator training. Most service providers have operators with years of experience in crane operations and rigging. They can operate most types of heavy equipment, not just cranes alone. Also, hiring a licensed operator allows you to begin work immediately, which is a plus for construction projects.

Equipment Servicing and Repairs

When hiring a crane without an operator, your rental service will offer serviced equipment. However, depending on your rental package, you may be required to cater to all servicing and repair costs during the rental period. This can be costly, especially if the crane is in poor mechanical condition.

A crane operator package includes additional benefits such as servicing and repairs. The rental company pays for all repairs and maintenance costs during the rental period. The package will include additional crane attachments and rigging hoists. Also, the company will be responsible for any equipment damage resulting from operator negligence. 

Operator Insurance

Construction rigging is a risky exercise that comes with the risk of personal injury, equipment damage, and property damage. Most service providers don't offer equipment insurance as part of the rental package. Therefore, you need to carry insurance for your operator and the heavy equipment. However, if you hire an operator from the rental company, you won't need to carry your own insurance. The company will provide insurance for their personnel and the rental equipment. If accidents occur during rigging, the rental company's insurance will cover the losses.

A crane rental package that includes a licensed operator is affordable in the long run. The package eliminates the costs of training operators, maintaining equipment, and paying for equipment insurance. Therefore, keep this in mind when renting a crane for construction rigging. 

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